Semprius Manufacturing

Smarter Manufacturing

Semprius builds the world’s highest efficiency solar modules using patented cell technology and proven manufacturing processes.  In 2012, Semprius will begin high volume commercial production at our new manufacturing facility in Henderson, North Carolina.

Proprietary Process

Semprius’ unique module design begins with our proprietary micro-transfer printing process. This process enables Semprius to fabricate the world’s smallest solar cell – approximately the size of a pencil point – to create solar modules with unmatched efficiency and performance.  After microcells are fabricated, Semprius uses industry-standard surface-mount technology (SMT) processes to assemble them onto a backplane.  These processes are not only well-known and robust, but also low-cost because they leverage a highly-automated, decades-old technology used to manufacture most electronic devices.

Smarter Production

High-efficiency lenses are added and the backplane is mounted in a steel enclosure and sealed with tempered front glass. The result is a scalable, low-cost, capital-efficient production platform that delivers the highest efficiency, highest performance solar modules in the world.