Semprius Reliability

Designed and manufactured to the highest reliability standards



Semprius modules are designed for high reliability. Key features include:

  • Steel, glass and silicone construction – all field-proven materials for PV and other applications
  • Unique optics ensure uniform microcell heating – no hot spots
  • Microcells operate at low temperatures and low currents, minimizing long-term degradation mechanisms
  • Microcells connected with robust thin-film interconnects – not wire bonds
  • Internal wiring highly tolerant of individual microcell failures


Semprius modules are manufactured using industry-standard assembly processes and quality control “best practices” adopted from the microelectronics industry. Every microcell and module is tested at several points during the production process. Semprius performs calibrated flash and hi-pot testing on every module.


Semprius conducts internal reliability, accelerated stress and field testing to ensure high reliability and performance.

Third Party Testing

Semprius works with leading laboratories such as the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Sandia National Labs to validate and improve our products and processes.


Prototype modules have been tested at third-party labs. Commercial modules will be fully certified and listed by the California Energy Commission.


Semprius’ industry-leading warranty includes five-year workmanship and 25-year power output guarantee.