solar park

Robust, Scalable Solutions For Sunny Environments

Semprius modules are ideal for commercial and utility-scale applications in areas with medium-to-high solar resource. Typically, these regions average over 5.5kWh/m2/day of direct normal irradiance.

Because our technology is scalable, Semprius modules can be deployed into sites ranging from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of megawatts. We are working with a number of tracker partners to offer a variety of cost-effective options to meet customers’ site-specific requirements.

Utility Applications

Designed to meet the reliability requirements of utilities, Semprius modules are ideally suited for large-scale generation. Systems powered by Semprius offer consistent energy output throughout the day, satisfying peak afternoon demand far better than competitive fixed-tilt PV solutions. Semprius is working closely with leading global integrators and EPCs to deliver solutions at this scale.

Commercial / Industrial Applications

With the highest energy density of any PV technology (>300W/m2) and compatibility with a variety of tracker designs, Semprius’ solutions can be a compelling option even for small, ground-mounted applications at commercial, light industrial and parking sites.

Government / Military Applications

Manufactured in the US and developed with the support of the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Semprius modules are suitable for a variety of medium-to-large scale ground-mounted government applications.